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Kaitlyn & Mike’s Family Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Family Engagement Session

Kaitlyn and Mike met out with Mike’s little one Hunter for their family engagement.  Exploring the park, Hunter made for a great sidekick and even took a picture or two, along with assisting in providing Kait and Mike direction on posing – oh and of course catching up on Ninja Turtles tv show episodes.

First Meeting through a Blind Date

Blind dates can definitely be nerve-racking, but not when you have a friend who truly is an amazing matchmaker.  Krista, a mutual friend of both Kait and Mike, approached Kait one day at the gym and brought up the topic of a match.  She had felt for a while that Mike would be the perfect guy for Kait, and vice versa, and asked Kait if she could pass along her number to him.  Spiking her curiosity, Kait agreed, and Mike called her the following Sunday when he got back into town to make plans for a first date the next available day they both had, which was the following Friday.  Meeting up with one another, the two realized that Krista had definitely made a connection as there was a clear ease in being in one another’s company.  Little did Kait know, that Mike was keeping a small secret of it also being his birthday, which fate had clearly known in bringing the best birthday gift into his life.  Since that fateful March 2nd day, the two have been pretty much inseparable from that day forward.

Falling in love with how thoughtful and considerate Mike is, Kait loves how he always wants to make her smile.  For Mike, he loves how much they can laugh together, along with Kait’s gorgeous smile.

From Buying a House to Building a Home

Realizing Kait was the one early on into their relationship, Mike had purchased a ring that he held on to until the moment was right.  Well there were a few potential right moments, but knowing Kait waited until she had her nails done – I mean I totally agree because who wouldn’t want to show off her stunning ring! After moving into their home together and spending the next three days unpacking, Kait set off to get her nails done, which Mike took note of.  Inviting both of their families over to celebrate their new milestone in their lives, their home, Kait didn’t realize the next milestone was about to take place.  In front of their family, Mike proposed to Kait in their home, and of course she said, “yes!”

Looking forward to our team capturing Mike and Kait tie the knot this coming November at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress!

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