Cassie & Clay’s Sunrise Forest Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Sunrise Forest Engagement

Cassie and Clay met me out at a local park for their adorable outdoor engagement in the beautiful forest at sunrise.  The session was nothing but spectacular and to top it off we were even privy to seeing three baby deer hidden well with the camouflage of the trees and bushes.

How They Met

Having met back in 2002 while both were working at Tony Roma’s, Cassie reminisces that she was immediately attracted to how hilarious Clay was and still is.  His humor drawing her in, the two became good friends quickly.  Late night and long shifts were incredibly enjoyable when they were scheduled on the same days.  During each of those shifts, Clay would always ask Cassie out and after nearly two years, she finally obliged.  As Cassie explains, “I will never forget that day.  I found my best friend and love of my life that I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with.”

Fast forward six years later from when they first met, Cassie still falls in love everyday with Clay’s humor.  Sweetly she said that “there is no one else in the world who can make me laugh the way he does.  No matter what, he always has a joke that cheers me up and makes me forget about a rough day.”  For Clay, he fell in love with how loving Cassie is from the first day he met.  As Clay describes Cassie, “her warm and gentle personality causes everyone, especially myself, to instantly fall in love with her.”

An England Proposal

Clay did a spectacular job at keeping his proposal to Cassie top secret.  While in England on vacation visiting family, the two decided to spend an afternoon sightseeing in London.  Visiting different monuments and historical sites, they came to the last stop of their day, which was St Paul’s Cathedral – one of Cassie’s favorite landmarks that she grew up visiting.  Walking through to the dome, the two continued on up the 365 foot ancient stair journey to the balcony atop of the dome.  Clay seemed a bit nervous as they continued to climb, but Cassie chalked it up to heights.  Finally arriving at the top, the two settled down on a bench to enjoy the beautiful view, which was when Clay popped the question.  So completely in shock, Cassie couldn’t even believe her eyes and questioned as she explains, “the reality of the situation.”  Finally realizing that it was a dream, she of course said, “yes!”  Celebrating with a champagne toast after departing the landmark, the two reveled in joy as they realized that their journey as Mr. and Mrs. had officially begun!

Looking forward to our team capturing these two tie the this coming April at the Co-op in Winter Garden!

Sunrise Forest Engagement Sunrise Forest Engagement Sunrise Forest Engagement Sunrise Forest Engagement Sunrise Forest Engagement Sunrise Forest Engagement

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