Savannah Georgia Engagement

Veronica & Andrew’s Savannah, Georgia Inspired Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Savannah, Georgia Inspired Engagement

Veronica and Andrew met me out for their Savannah, Georgia inspired engagement session.  Exploring the downtown area, we wandered upon beautiful parks lined with trees that felt like that Savannah vibe.

After both Veronica and Andrew graduated from their respective universities, the two began careers at NAVAIR in 2015.  During their new hire training, which both just so happen to be attending at the same time, they sat near each other but didn’t talk for sometime.  As the new hire group become more familiar with one another, group outings would take place, which was when Veronica and Andrew were able to get to know one another better.  Realizing there was a spark between them and that they could be so much more than just colleagues at work, the two began dating and rest is history!

Falling in love with Veronica was easy, as she has become the light and smile in Andrew’s life.  As Andrew palings, “I love the way Veronica embraces me when we see each other after days apart or a long day at work.”  Between their shared love of animals, being an absolute goofball, and challenging one another through philosophical, cultural, and practical questions (of course with Veronica always being right!), Veronica overall makes Andrew happy no matter what the day brings.

For Veronica, she loves how much her and Andrew are alike and their ability to completely understand each other.  Veronica reminisces that she knew Andrew was the one when he showed affection with open arms to Veronica’s kitten after first meeting, and since the two have adopted two pups together.  As Veronica explains, “he supports me completely in everything I do and I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

With so much love between the two of them, a proposal was in order and Andrew wanted to ensure it was spectacular.  Traveling to Disney World for a special dinner to celebrate their third anniversary, Veronica never expected what was to come!  After a fantastic dinner, they headed outside to the rooftop balcony of the hotel, which had a magnificent view of Cinderella’s Castle.  Shortly after stepping outside, the nightly fireworks show began and Andrew asked a passerby to take a quick photo of the two of them.  After posing for the picture with the castle in the background, Andrew turned to Veronica, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him.  Of course, she said, “yes!”

Looking forward to our team capturing these two tie the knot this coming April at Walker’s Landing in Amelia Island Plantation!

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