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Roxy & Nikki’s Leu Gardens Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Leu Gardens Engagement

Roxy and Nikki met me out at beautiful Leu Gardens for their engagement session.  It was such a treat to be able to capture their session, and our team soon to capture their wedding at the beautiful White Room in St. Augustine, as Roxy and I were friends back in high school.

When Social Media Intervenes – Along with Fate…

Roxy and Nikki’s story first began when they laid eyes on one another at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  While that night they did not approach one another, the DJ had taken a big group photo and posted it on Facebook.  The photo took off as many people began tagging themselves and their friends, which was when Roxy and Nikki were both able to put a name with a face.  Connecting on Facebook messenger and adding one another as friends, they soon after met back up at Pulse, which was also where they shared their first kiss.

A Perfect Balance

Balancing one another out, Roxy loves how Nikki is the extrovert side to their relationship, while she is more of an introvert.  As Roxy explains, “what I love most about Nikki is how genuine, beautiful, and pure she is.  She has a natural energy that she carries around with her that makes it easy to love her.  For Nikki, it is Roxy’s “fire” that she loves most and explains that Roxy, “has such a strong spirit that gives me comfort no matter what is going on.”  A simple hug from Roxy truly melts away all of the anxious or sad feelings, and worries of the day.

A White, Winter Proposal

Fast forward several years later, Nikki had been dropping hints about her dream wedding with friends and Roxy, primarily anytime Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” would play.  Little did Nikki know that while Roxy would crack a joke back at her hints when the music played, she was really listening all along. Dreaming of a white winter wedding, Roxy new it would be difficult to make snow happen in the sunny state of Florida, but did want to incorporate Nikki’s dream into her proposal.  Planning a trip to Chicago in January of last year, Roxy knew it was the prefect time to give Nikki a white winter proposal.  On the morning of January 5th, Roxy convinced Nikki to go for a morning walk around a downtown Chicago park.  Pretending to receive a voicemail on her phone that was for Nikki, Roxy handed the phone to Nikki to listen to it.  A little confused, she began listening to hear her great grandmother giving Roxy her blessing to ask Nikki to marry her.  Following the voicemail, Roxy asked for Nikki’s hand in marriage, and of course she said yes!

Looking forward to our team capturing these two tie the knot this coming January!

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