Natalia & Nathan’s Holiday Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Orlando Holiday Engagement

Natalia and Nathan met me out at Leu Gardens for their holiday inspired engagement.  The two envisioned a mix of greenery and Christmas, Natalia’s favorite holiday!  With decor up and ready for the holidays, the garden was the perfect mix of both.

High School Sweethearts

High school sweethearts, Natalia met Nathan when they were both attending Seminole High School when they first met.  A Tuesday in August of 2012, they first laid eyes on one another.  Nathan a freshman at the time, and Natalia a junior, they both thought that each other was in the same grade.  It wasn’t until Nathan asked Natalia about her economics book, a junior year subject, that they realized the very small age gap.  However, back in high school, a few years apart seemed a lot larger than it was and the two didn’t chat for another moth.  Flash forward to October of that year, the two picked back up on their friendship and after a few days Nathan asked Natalia to officially be his girlfriend.

As their love has continued to grow, Natalia has falling in love with how Nathan always as the ability to make her happy, even in the most stressful of situations.  As she explains, Nathan “has this amazing way of being my happy place and keeping positive and hopeful in everything that I do.  He makes me want to be a better me every single day, and I love that so much.”  Of course, Natalia also loves his smile, which warms her heart.

For Nathan, in one word “caring” is what he loves most about Natalia.  As Nathan explains, “I love how caring she is, she always worries about my safety, if I am doing okay, and that I’m happy.”

A Princess Proposal

On a mini-getaway to the most magical place on earth, Disney, the two were celebrating their four and half year anniversary together.  Planning out a special weekend, the two started it off with a little shopping spree at downtown Disney, dinner at Rainforest Cafe, and a surprise basket of goodies that included a tiara back at their hotel.  Suspecting something else may be on the rise, Natalia was excited for what else was to come that weekend.  The next morning, the two ventured to Magic Kingdom, where Nathan planned out their first stop to see Rapunzel, Natalia’s all time favorite Disney princess.  Waiting in line, Nathan seemed a little nervous, but Natalia didn’t suspect what was to come.  As she greeted Rapunzel, Nathan followed her, dropped to one knee, and proposed to her in front of her favorite princess at their favorite place on earth.  Of course, Natalia said “yes!”

Wedding Day Advice

A big planner like myself, Natalia had some perfect ‘words of wisdom’ for other soon to be couples planning their big day, which centered around “communication.”  As my couple explains, “make sure you communicate during every step of your wedding process and make sure that both of you love the decisions you make.  It’s a comprise and both opinions matter, but don’t get caught up in the planning of it all alone.  Enjoy every moment, because it’s a big day for the two of you, and it’ll be worth it all in the end.”

Looking forward to our team working with Pavone Events for our sweethearts big day this coming October at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort.

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