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Hannah & Charles’ Forest Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Forest Engagement

Hannah and Charlie met me out at Lake Louisa for their sunset forest engagement. The two have such a natural connection that is absolutely undeniable and shined through during our session.

How They Met

Working long 12 hour shifts in the ICU, Hannah never would have guessed a late night would lead to a forever love. In the midst of wrapping up for the night, Charlie walked in right as Hannah’s shift was ending and was immediately taken by Hannah. Introducing himself to Hannah, Charlie made it a point from that day on to arrive early to his shift so that he could have a few minutes talking to Hannah at the end of hers.

About a month after meeting, Charlie’s birthday rolled around and Hannah added him on Facebook to wish him a “Happy Birthday.” As their friendship evolved to romance, the two began spending more and more time having numerous conversations throughout the night and watching Stranger Things together. It is crazy to think that if Charlie hadn’t arrived early that one fateful day to his shift, he may never have met the girl of his dreams.

What They Love Most

Falling in love with Hannah’s “passion for life,” Charlie explained that Hannah “pushes me every day to be better” and “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her seeing what the world has to offer.”

For Hannah, Charlie’s unconditional love is what she loves most. As Hannah explains, “I know he will stick through the good and bad times no matter what. He loves openly, honestly, and completely.”

The Proposal

Finding their forever in one another, Charlie knew it was time to propose. While on a planned trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Charlie brought along the engagement ring he had purchased to wait for the right time to pop the question. During an amazing day of hiking, the two stumbled upon a section of the Appalachian trail next to the Newfound Gap. Walking along, the elevation gained rapidly as they encountered ice and somewhat difficult terrain for two native Floridians. However, the treacherous hike was worth it, as the trail opened to a frozen waterfall that was absolutely spectacular.

Realizing immediately the time and location were right, Charlie ventured off to his backpack to supposedly change the lens on his camera, when really he was grabbing the ring. Admiring the waterfall, Hannah didn’t even realize until she turned around that Charlie was down on one knee, ring in hand. Asking Hannah, “Will you marry me?,” she of course said, “yes!”

Looking forward to our team capture Hannah and Charlie tie the knot this May at Up the Creek Farms!


Venue: Lake Louisa State Park

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