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Jenny & Thomas’ Pastel Green and Blue Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Jenny and Thomas met me out in the heart of Winter Park at Leu Gardens for their engagement.  Avid lovers of the outdoors, the two enjoyed walking around the park as we photographed them for their session.

Both students at University of Central Florida, Thomas and Jenny first met while they were attending a SCUBA diving club get together.  Over the next two years, they would speak briefly during the club meetings, but at the time they really were still only acquaintances.  However, as fate would have it, the two were brought together during a SCUBA club outing on the east coast in the Spring of 2015.  Both needing a diving partner, the two linked up and sparks flew – well that was until it began raining, that’s when they really flew!  Each impressed with the other’s diving, the surfaced to find the rain pouring down.  During our session, Jenny said it felt like a moment out of the Notebook and at that very moment they both saw one another in a different light.

Falling in love with Thomas’ kindness, Jenny explained that Thomas “has always been so sweet and loving towards me that I can’t not love him.”  For Thomas, he also agreed in loving Jenny’s kindness the most too, and as he explains, Jenny “is intelligent, beautiful, and all around amazing, but her kindness is what I love the most.”

Realizing he had found the one, Thomas began planning out his proposal to Jenny to overlap during a trip they were taking to France for one of Thomas’ cousin’s wedding.  Expanding their trip to both include the wedding and a bit of travel, they first stopped off in Venice.  Exhausted from the flight, the two decided to order take-out and dine in as they overlooked the most amazing sunset view of the canals from the bed and breakfast.  While Jenny was distracted admiring the setting sun, Thomas pulled out ‘the ring’ from his pocket and got down on one knee, and asked Jenny to turn back to him.  Asking her to marry him, she of course said “yes!”  The intimate proposal was absolutely perfect!

Looking forward to our team capturing Jenny and Thomas tie the knot this May!

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