North Straub Park Engagement

Brittney & Eric’s North Straub Park Engagement – Captured by Samantha

North Straub Park Engagement

Brittney and Eric met me out in Downtown St Pete for their North Straub Park engagement.  A special location for the two, Eric had proposed on a river cruise right off of the park, but more on that later in our love story!

Finally the right time…

Growing up in the same town of Conyers, Georgia, Brittney and Eric always knew of each other and while they had mutual friends, never really spent any time together throughout high school.  Inadvertently around the same people and visiting the same places, even both graduating from Kennesaw State University, it just wasn’t their time to connect; that was until the Fall of 2016.  Reconnecting over a lovely Thai dinner out, the two realized there was a spark between them and from that point on it has felt like the years have flown by.

Falling in Love

Falling in love with how Eric is always willing to go above and beyond for Brittney’s happiness, she knew she had found the one.  His willingness to always support her and as she explains, “spoiled me past the point of no return lol,” he makes it a point each and every day to show her how much he cares; oh and he can make her laugh like no one else!  For Eric, he truly loves how “real” the two of them can be with one another.  From their silly sarcasm, to not worrying about being anything but themselves, to always being honest, they just get one another.  Oh and of course Eric sweetly noted that Brittney’s “not too hard on the eyes” too!

A North Straub Park Proposal on a River Cruise

Jumping back to the mentioning of North Straub Park, where the two headed out for Eric’s river cruise proposal, I must say I was very excited to have suggested the park to Brittney and Eric after finding out how special it was.  Eric had booked a sunset cruise that he sprung on Brittney as a gift from his friend’s boss.  Supposedly his friend’s boss had plans come up and couldn’t make it, so the tickets were up for grabs.  Being on a Friday night, Brittney was worried she would be a little tired from work, but gave in to Eric’s invite.  Boarding the cruise boat with their friends, the group enjoyed a few drinks while sailing around St. Pete.  Happy to be realizing and spending time with her beau, Brittney finally did agree it was pretty awesome that they were able to go on this “impromptu cruise.”  Well, that was when the sun began to set and the captain asked everyone to move to one side of the boat, as he needed to drop the sail to return back.

As the group watched the sail drop, Brittney was completely surprised to see writing on the sail that read, “Will you marry me?” in big letters.  Confused that it was for Eric’s friends boss – remember who supposedly had booked the cruise originally – it literally took her a few moments to realize that, no, the proposal was for her!  Dropping to one knee, Eric held out a stunning ring and asked for Brittney’s hand in marriage.  Going above and beyond, Brittney reminisces that the proposal “was like a dream!”

Meet Tilly!

Oh, and by the way, that cute pup featured in their photos is Tilly!  A sweet and lively rescue pup, Tilly is six years old.  It was such a joy to incorporate her in the session, and I must say that she was incredibly well behaved and cheesed it up for the camera!

Looking forward to our team capturing Brittney and Eric tie the knot this coming November at beautiful Cross Creek Ranch in Dover, Florida!

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