Shannon & Steven’s Lakeland Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Lakeland Engagement

Brooke and Steven met me out in hidden nearby forest to Lakeland for their Lakeland engagement.  Timing our session to overlap a vacation getaway for the two, while they were visiting from West Virginia, the sun, weather, and backdrop could not have been more perfect.

Having met during their junior year of high school, the two didn’t become close until senior year.  Brooke knew of Steven through him being friends with her twin sister, but really wasn’t close at all nor did they speak much.  During the start of senior year, Brooke took note of Steven when they came back for the term to begin as he had dyed his hair bleach blonde and she felt an attraction she hadn’t felt before.  Steven had always noticed Brooke though, and when their feelings became mutual, dating soon ensued after the start of senior year.

“Light Up a Room…”

Falling in love with Steven’s ability to always make her laugh, Brooke explained that Steve “really knows how to light up a room and always makes people smile.”  For Steven, Brooke’s thoughtfulness and kindness are his favorite things about her.  As he explains, Brooke “is literally the absolute best at those things.  She never forgets a birthday, holiday, or pseudo-anniversary of any event that has happened in our years together.”  From remembering to sending sweet “miss you” text messages when they are apart to always being willing to go on a cookie/ice cream run when he’s having a bad day, Brooke makes it a point to show Steven how she cares deeply for him and their relationship.

Graduation Day

Steven definitely surprised Brooke with his proposal, as she never saw it coming.  Flashback to the day of their medical school graduation, the two had spent an amazing day with their closest friends reminiscing on how far they had come and talking about the future.  Following graduation, Brooke had made dinner arrangements for both of their families to eat in downtown Philadelphia.  With graduation running behind, the two arrived first with no one else in sight, which stressed Brooke out a little.  As everyone began to arrive, they all settled in to eat and that was when Brooke’s mom surprised her with a gift.  Opening it up, she was surprised to find a sign stating “Mr. and Mrs” on a West Virginia themed wooden sign.  Turning to Steven, thinking that it was a gag gift as they had been together for nine years, she found him on one knee proposing to her.  Of course, Brooke said, “yes” to the very real proposal!  That night they celebrated even further when their closest friends surprised them with champagne and balloons; the very same friends who will be part of their bridal party.

Advice to Give and Advice to Keep

As Brooked and Steven are getting into the end of planning for their big day, I asked if they had any advice for other ‘soon-to-be’s.’  Brooke explained, the best piece of advice that they received would be to follow your heart in what you want for your wedding day and not base it on other people’s opinions.  Additionally, the best piece of advice that they would give is to “never lose sight of your love one for another” when picking out each item.”  As she explained further, no matter the grand scheme of your wedding day, it comes down to the what it is all about, the two of you.

Looking forward to our team capturing Brooke and Steven tie the knot at Ever After Estate in Clermont, Florida next March!

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