Hillsborough River State Park Engagement

Lauren & Ross’ Hillsborough River State Park Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Hillsborough River State Park Engagement

Capturing Lauren and Ross’ Hillsborough River State Park engagement was such a treat, since it had been a place they visited on their third date just a few years ago!  Picking a park, which had a sentimental history behind it, we set off exploring the vast grounds in search of gorgeous Florida foliage.

How They Met

It all began on Super Bowl Sunday… Lauren was invited by her friends Julie and Brandon who were visiting from Chicago to attend a Super Bowl Sunday party, which was where she met Ross. Taking part in the festivities, but not the teams to be exact, Lauren showed up in an Aaron Rodgers Packers jersey, which sparked a brief conversation between her and Ross.  Adding him on Facebook, since she thought he was cute, the two chatted about how she had just moved to Tampa and decided to meet up.  Visiting Lauren at her apartment, the two bonded over a six pack along with watching many, many episodes of The Office until the wee hours of the morning.  The spark between the two was instant, and their conversation felt like they had known one another for years.  After their first date, many more followed, and relationship soon began!

What They Love Most

Lauren fell in love with Ross’s sense of humor, smile, and thoughtfulness.  As she explains, Ross “is always surprising me with little day trips or dates and is always thinking about and my happiness.”  A great example of his thoughtfulness stems back to remembering their first conversation where Lauren mentioned she wanted to check out Yuengling Brewery in Tampa.  Just three months ago, Ross took her there on a fun date, which as a total and awesome surprise that he remembered one of their very first conversations.  For Ross, it is also the core value of being thoughtful that he loves most about Lauren.  Lovingly he dotes about Lauren that she is “genuinely a very good person who cares about people and animals.”

The Proposal

Having moved into their home that they bought together in November of 2017, the two decided it would be fun to have a Super Bowl housewarming party in February of 2018.  Inviting all of their friends and family, the two were really looking forward to the celebration.  Reminiscing the Friday before their party on how they had met just a few years ago, Lauren never expected what was too come!  Arriving home, Ross asked Lauren to go for a walk with him and the pups, which was part of their nightly routine.  Thinking nothing of it, Lauren of course said, “yes,” and went to grab Fox’s leash off its hook.  Noticing something glimmering on the harness attached to the leach, Lauren realized in complete shock that is was an engagement ring!  Turning around to ask about the special find, Lauren found Ross down on one knee as he proposed to her.  A beautiful moment, followed by a celebratory dinner, followed by an even bigger reason to celebrate during their Super Bowl housewarming party, the two could not have been more overjoyed to being their journey together!

Having met on February 2nd, engagement on February 2nd, and soon to be married on February 2nd, I must say that it has definitely become my couples special date!  Looking forward to our team capturing Lauren and Ross tie the knot this – you guessed it February 2nd – at the beautiful Lake Seminole Park in Pinellas Park, Florida!

Venue: Hillsborough River State Park

Hillsborough River State Park Engagement Hillsborough River State Park Engagement Hillsborough River State Park Engagement Hillsborough River State Park Engagement Hillsborough River State Park Engagement

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