Fine Arts Museum St Pete Engagement

Brianna & Luis’ Fine Arts Museum St Pete Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Fine Arts Museum St Pete Engagement

Brianna and Luis met me out in beautiful St Petersburg for their Fine Arts Museum St Petersburg engagement.  Bringing along their daughter Emmy, their family engagement was filled with so much joy and laughter!

How They Met

My couple’s story began through meeting one another by way of their families.  Her sister and Luis’ brother would get a group together every Sunday to watch football.  Both invited along by their respective sibling, the two got to know one another after seeing each other weekly.  While Brianna may have played hard to get, Luis’ persistence won her over and after a first date they became absolutely inseparable.

What They Love Most

Falling in love with how much Luis cares about his family and their family, Brianna explains that Luis “is a caring and attentive dad towards our daughter, which makes me fall deeper in love with him every day.”  Oh and of course how he is always willing to give everything a shot, even attempting to do Emmy’s hair.

For Luis, he fell in love with her thoughtfulness.  A very unselfish and giving person, Luis explains that Brianna “thinks about making others days better all the time with little loving gestures.”  Additionally, she is an incredible mom in pausing her career ambitions temporarily so that Emmy can have everyday.

A Christmas Proposal

Engagement on Christmas Day, Luis surprised Brianna during their annual Christmas pajama family picture in front of the Christmas tree.  While Brianna thought her brother-in-law was snapping away on the camera, he was secretly recording as Luis turned around on one knee and asked Brianna to marry him.  Jumping into his arms and of course saying a wholehearted “yes!”, the two celebrated with the rest of their family later that evening.  That Christmas was the last major holiday spent with Luis’ dad before he passed away, which Luis and Brianna treasure in being able to share such a special moment with him.

So what about that cute little one in all of their photos!  Well, that’s Emberly, their gorgeous, free-spirited, one-and-a-half year old daughter.  Bringing so much joy to their lives, Emmy truly can light up a room with her presence.  A fun fact Brianna and Luis shared, while pregnant the two talked about having her middle name be the same as her abuela’s name, Del Carmen, and ironically enough she was born on Saint Carmen’s Day, which clearly made it meant to be!

Looking forward to our team capturing Brianna and Luis tie the knot this coming October at the Rheba Sutton White Chapel in Palm Harbor, Florida!

Fine Arts Museum St Pete Engagement Fine Arts Museum St Pete Engagement Fine Arts Museum St Pete Engagement Fine Arts Museum St Pete Engagement Fine Arts Museum St Pete Engagement Fine Arts Museum St Pete Engagement

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