Downtown Tampa Engagement

Gillian & Zac’s Downtown Tampa Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Downtown Tampa Engagement

Gillian and Zac met me out at the University of Tampa for their Downtown Tampa engagement session.  Between the mix of brick and greenery, Gillian knew right away it was the perfect spot for their session.

Love by way of Tinder…

My sweethearts story began on Tinder when the two met by chance.  Gillian wasn’t planning on joining the online dating app, but after a bit of convincing from her friends finally did and two days later was matched with Zac.  Going on their first date to Hollerbach in Sanford for lunch and afterwards visiting the Central Florida Zoo, it was clear as day as their date wound down that they had a spark.  Zac asked Gillian if she would be interested in going out again, and she replied by mentioning that she had a pass to Universal Studios.  Zac said, “let’s go,” which Gillian absolutely loved!  Their date went on to continue with having a blast riding rides and exploring the theme park until about 10:30 PM that night.  Dropping off Gillian at her home that evening, they both knew they had found someone special.

Falling in love with Gillian, Zac explained that she is always there for him when he needs her.  Diving in further, he went on to explain that Gillian “is always willing to go places and do things with me, even if its something she would rather not be doing.  She joins me with a smile and without complaints” as they go on an adventure trying out new experiences.  For Gillian, Zac truly brings a smile to her face by making her laugh all the time.  As Gillian explains, Zac “is always teaching me things and reminds me that not everything is worth getting upset about.  He reminds me daily that he loves me and makes me feel special.”

A Sentimental Proposal

Hoping to propose to Gillian at her parents home on Christmas morning, Gillian somewhat through Zac’s plans off when wanting to drive to her parent’s home together.  Zac had hoped to meet Gillian there, as the ring was still in transit.  Literally upon arriving, a notification went off on his phone that it had arrived back home, and Zac mentioned to Gillian that one of her presents had just arrived, but she would need to wait to open it.  Well fast forward a few days, Gillian came down with the worst cold she had ever had.  Now back at home, she was relaxing and hoping to recuperate before having to go to work the following day when Zac came in.  Kneeling down by the couch where she was resting, Zac brought out a present and said “Santa couldn’t bring this on Christmas, because you were stubborn” to which Gillian laughed remembering that she had insisted wanted to drive together and not separately.  Opening the gift, Gillian was in complete shock to find a ring, and not just any ring, but an engagement ring!  Proposing to her while sitting on their couch, with their two pups in their apartment together was absolutely the most perfect proposal Gillian could have imagined.  It was intimate and perfectly sentimental!

Looking forward to our team capturing these two tie the knot this coming February at beautiful Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park, Florida!

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