Bok Tower Family Photography

Chloe & Richie’s Bok Tower Family Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Bok Tower Family Photography Engagement

Chloe and Richie met me out in Lake Wales for their beautiful Boy Tower family engagement session.  Including their son Anthony was the perfect way to showcase their love as a family!

How They Met

Retail – how it all began!  Just over nine years ago Chloe and Richie met at work.  Richie at the time was working at Macy’s and Chloe was working in the Sunglass Hut located inside the Macy’s store.  Seeing one another in passing often, it wasn’t long before Richie approached Chloe about going on a date.  As you may have guessed, Chloe agreed and the rest is history!

Falling in love with one another was easy, as Chloe and Richie feel they are the perfect balance for one another.  As Chloe explains, Richie “is carefree and easy going, while I am more structured and by the book.  He always knows how to make me laugh and I help push him to grow.”

Super Bowl Sunday Proposal

Having spoken about marriage, the two were ready last year and Richie planned to pop the question among family and fiends on Super Bowl Sunday.  While he wanted to incorporate the people they cared about deeply in the proposal as being a part of witnessing it, Richie’s nerves got the best of him and he waited until midnight when everyone had headed out to ask for Chloe’s hand in marriage.  Of course, Chloe said, “yes!” and the two celebrated with their son Anthony.

Speaking of Anthony, Chloe and Richie doted on how he was the “perfect first child who almost tricks you into having another.”  Anthony’s love of watching and playing sports with Richie, along with realizing with Chloe, is the best of both worlds.  A true joy to capture, Anthony’s smile could light up a room!

Looking forward to our team capturing Chloe and Richie tie the knot this coming June at the Countryside Country Club in Clearwater, Florida!

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