Bok Tower Engagement

Shannon & Matt’s Bok Tower Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Bok Tower Engagement

Shannon and Matt met me out in Lake Wales for their beautiful Bok Tower engagement.  Looking for a spot that was unique and stunning, we knew it was the perfect place.

A “Therapy Romance”

Shannon never would have guessed that rehab for her knee surgery from gymnastics would lead her down the path of finding her forever.  Back in 2010, when Shannon was doing rehab at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy, she met Matt who was also doing rehab, but for his shoulder from a baseball injury.  Shannon at the time was sixteen and in high school, while Matt was a sophomore in college and a little too old – at least at that point in their lives.  Talking periodically when they would have overlapping appointments, the two definitely took note of one another and Shannon’s therapist would even tease her that they had a “therapy romance.”  As their friendship grew, they found out that while they both traveled 45 minutes to therapy, they actually only lived seven minutes away from one another – has Shannon puts it, “strangely convenient.”


As time went on, Shannon’s crush stayed true and the two continued to be friends, however Shannon moved to the University of Denver for gymnastics while Matt was in Lakeland at Florida Southern for baseball.  Losing contact after moving, the two reconnected finally in October of 2015 after six years when Matt reached out to Shannon on Facebook to go out on a date.  The timing was perfect, as they were both single, and of course after all of those years Matt definitely did not want to miss the opportunity to finally ask Shannon out.  Meeting up for sushi, Matt knew half way through the date that he would be asking Shannon out again on a second date before their first date was even over!

Their Love for One Another

Falling in love with how Matt makes her feel at ease and is truly her best friend, Shannon described their time together, as “we can have fun doing anything together, whether it’s staying at home relaxing or traveling to another county and adventuring.  He is my favorite wine and margarita drinking companion and can always make me smile or laugh no matter the situation.”  For Matt, he fell in love with how Shannon makes him feel when they are together and apart.  As Matt explains, Shannon “has always allowed and wanted me to be myself and has made me cherish a true relationship.  When I am not with her, I am rushing to get back to see her smile again and hear her voice.  I love how she smiles at me and makes me feel completely loved.”  Truly both cannot imagine their lives without one another and look forward to spending the rest of their forever together.

The Proposal

Fast forward to 2018, three years after they began dating… Matt was ready to ask Shannon for her hand in marriage and for sometime that she was the one.  The two had been talking about marriage for a little over a year, and knew that when the time came that he wanted it to be perfect.  Waking up on the day of his proposal to Shannon, December 27th, Matt could not wait to ask her to marry him.  The day felt like any other day, with the two waking up and planning their day.  Matt guided their adventures that day with going to see his parents, where he was secretly picking up the ring.  Afterwards they grabbed steaks, crab cakes, and champagne (a little odd on the champagne Shannon thought, but didn’t question), and headed home to cook up Shannon’s favorite meal.  While a little preoccupied grabbing the mail, Matt headed inside to set up his proposal.  Walking in shortly after Matt, she immediately began to cry when she saw sitting on the table an “I Love You” balloon and the champagne they had purchased together, along with Matt waiting for her down on one knee with the ring.  Matt proceeded to tell Shannon how much he loved her and that she was his best friend in the entire world, and of course would she marry him.  At this point Shannon reminiscently jokes that she began to “ugly cry” with being completely overwhelmed with happiness.  Of course, Shannon said yes, well with a head nod since the tears were flowing, and Matt helped her up, held her in his arms, and gave her the first kiss of them officially being fiancés!

Looking forward to our team capturing these two tie the knot this coming December in Spring Hill!

Bok Tower Engagement Bok Tower Engagement Bok Tower Engagement Bok Tower Engagement Bok Tower Engagement

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