Armature Works Engagement

Stevie & Robert’s Armature Works Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Armature Works Engagement

Stevie and Robert met me out in beautiful Tampa for their Armature Works engagement.  Dating back to 1910, Armature Works was previously known as TECO, short for Tampa Electric, which was a storage and maintenance facility for Tampa’s electric streetcars.

Meeting at Florida State University

Stevie and Robert’s story began back in 2009 when both attending Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.  Having just moved on campus, Stevie met up with her friend Lee from high school after settling in.  Bringing along his roommate, Robert, Stevie inadvertently met the love of her life on the very first day when she began a new chapter in her life.  While Lee may not have realized it at first, he ended up being the matchmaker that brought my sweethearts together; and will be the best man in their wedding!

Falling in Love

Falling in love with Stevie’s energy, she is the rock that Robert can lean on.  For Stevie, she fell in love with how Robert challenges her and helps be her more rational side when life can get crazy.  As she explains, “he always tries to make things better by hugging me first.”

A Celebratory Proposal

With so much love between the two, Robert knew it was time to propose as he had found ‘the one.’  Making a reservation at Ulele, he had lined up the night and was ready to pop the question, but upon coming home that night Stevie didn’t want to go out – on to the next plan.  This time, Robert didn’t give Stevie a chance to think about eating out that night, as this time it was a celebration.

Arriving home from the gym after work, Stevie was surprised to find flowers after coming back downstairs from taking a shower at their home.  Walking over to the table, and even questioning Robert asking, “are we celebrating vacation or something?” she was completely surprised and overjoyed to turn to find him on one knee proposing.  Of course, Stevie said, “yes!” and afterwards the two went for a celebratory dinner!

Looking forward to our team capturing Stevie and Robert tie the knot this September at the Tampa River Center!

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