Octavia & Lawrence’s 310 Lakeside Wedding – Captured by Anna

310 Lakeside Wedding

Octavia and Lawrence tied the knot during their 310 Lakeside wedding in Orlando, Florida.  The two envisioned a wedding that took place overlooking the iconic Lake Eola, filled with laughter and dancing!

How They Met

We met during my friend’s (Tierra) birthday party on October 20th, 2012. Larry’s family was throwing another birthday party in the same venue -Terrace 390. During the night, Tierra noticed Larry looking my way and suggested I turn around and say hello. I almost didn’t turn around because I swore off dating at the time, but, so glad I did.

What They Love Most

Octavia: I love how Larry is hardworking, resilient and such a great provider. He’s loving and caring and I’m so blessed to call him my future husband.

Larry: My wife is well rounded, caring and selfless. She is well rounded and supportive of me every step of the way.

The Proposal

Well, it was well planned out days ahead of the actual proposal and executed to perfection. He called my mom and aunt a few days before to ask permission. It was Saturday, November 4th, 2017 (my deceased dad’s birthday) I was at home doing the normal Saturday chores. Earlier in the day, Larry text to let me know his truck was acting weird, but, was going to work anyway. He uses his truck for work, so I knew we would have to take a look at it later. The day winds down and Larry calls with a distressed voice. He tells me he really needs my help because the truck has broken down and he needs me to meet him. He gives me this address and I hurry to get to him. When I finally make it to the address, I still don’t even realize where I am. When I arrive he isn’t there, so I immediately start to worry. I’m able to catch up to him when he tells me to make a right on Livingston and park…I’m still in worry mode and don’t realize where I am. I finally arrive where a valet attendant ushers me out of the car. Apprehensive, I oblige and all I see is Larry and that the beautiful smile I fell in love with. He’s holding flowers and is all smiles. He’s standing at the very place where we first met! Next thing I know he’s on one knee, hands me the flowers and says my full name. Up until this point I had no idea what was going on. Once he said my last name, it finally clicked and all I could do was cry like a baby. He’s asked me to be his wife and I of course said YES! We spent the rest of the evening celebrating with family and friends and later had an engagement dinner to share the great news!

Wedding Day Vision

We will have our closest friends and family together with us to celebrate our nuptials and new beginning. I imagine lots of laughter, maybe some happy tears and tons of dancing. I envision the room will glow from all the candles and flowers.


Venue: 310 Lakeside

Florist: Grant Street Flower Market

Cake: Publix

Shoes: Betsy Johnson

Men’s Attire: Suit City

Men’s Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Rings: Kay Jewelers

Bridesmaid Dress Shop: Alfred Angelo

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